Frequently Asked Questions

Is 60% Real Chicken Good?
It depends on what that 60% is made up of. Processed dog food may say it contains a certain percentage of chicken,  but it may also consist of non-digestible chicken such as ground up bone, beaks, feet, feathers, etc. Check with the manufacturer of your brand of dog food and ask for a list of the actual percentages of digestible and non-digestible components.

If my pet’s food has a higher cost, that means it has higher quality ingredients, right?
High costs don’t always guarantee good quality. Many pet owners are lead to believe that the higher the cost, the higher the quality, and many times pet food producers will exploit this. If their brand of pet food isn’t selling well, then often they’ll increase the price, and maybe change the packaging or claim that it’s a premium brand. Even as they say this, it’s still the same food as it was before, with all the same ingredients. So pay close attention to the nutrition facts, and don’t trust a pet food brand only by it’s cost or label.

My dog/cat has developed an allergy but we haven't changed the food.
Pet foods can be manufactured by different plants with different types of ingredients. The brand may have a specification for a certain amount of grain, for instance. A plant in Texas may use corn or wheat for the grain component, but a plant in St. Louis may use barley. Contact the manufacturer and ask if the plant supplying your area has changed and what ingredient changes may have occurred.

A sales associate at my local pet supply store told me that I’ve been purchasing the wrong type of pet food, and said I should by this other brand. Should I believe them?
Most likely, no, because they were hired by pet food producers for the sole purpose of getting you to buy their product. They will do whatever it takes to convince you to buy their product, and usually that means telling you that their pet food is the best and contains the highest quality ingredients, when in reality it doesn’t. If you want a more reliable opinion, ask your veterinarian for the best choice in pet food brands.

My veterinarian says that my pet is overweight, but I don’t agree. How can I tell whether my pet really is overweight?
Normally you can tell whether your pet is overweight just by looking at them. If they’re overweight they will have a broad, flat back, a sagging stomach, and no visible waistline. You can also feel along their sides, and if they are overweight it will be difficult for you to feel their ribs.

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My pet is only three or four pounds heavier than their ideal weight. That’s not so bad, right?
Wrong, those seemingly few pounds can make a huge difference. Keep in mind how much smaller are pets are than us, especially toy dog breeds or rodents. For instance, if a nine-pound cat gains just one pound, it’s like a human gaining twenty pounds.

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